On the myth of “brotherly nations”

Stas Olenchenko 🇺🇦

Even after Bucha and Mariupol, some people get genuinely surprised when they learn that Ukrainians don’t want to talk to Russians or show any signs of brotherhood.

The “brotherly nations” myth is too damn persistent. So let’s talk about these attempts to befriend 🇺🇦 and 🇷🇺.

It’s true: many Greek Catholics in Ukraine have openly criticized Pope Francis after this shameful ceremony idea.

I keep repeating that seeing the human complexity in people collectively responsible for the genocide of your nation is impossible. Seeing the many shades of grey is a privilege, and it should be used wisely and timely.

In short: Ukrainians are absolutely, insanely angry with Russians. All of Russians. And they have every right to be that way.

Now to the juicy part.

“Brotherly nations” is a myth. Always has been. If Russia calls you a “brotherly nation,” it basically says “Hey, we have every right to do whatever we want to your country.”

Neighboring Russia is like living in an abusive, dysfunctional family where you always expect violence, lies, and other toxic shit. And all you want is to be left alone for once in your life.

Now, if you believe in a sweet little fairytale where one evil dude makes two brotherly nations fight, I have bad news for you. You’re adding to the trauma of many Ukrainians out there with your words and actions.

I also love it when many anti-war Russians get offended and start saying chauvinistic BS as soon as you tell them all Russians bear some amount of responsibility for what happened in Bucha and Mariupol. That only proves how deeply imperialistic their thinking is.

It’s always a good time to destroy a toxic imperial myth. But right now, it’s ✨crucial✨

Now that the world is watching Ukrainians closely, it needs to start listening to them as well.

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