Does German government want Ukraine to win?

Anders Östlund

Does the German government really want Ukraine to win the war?
The debate in Germany has now reached the level where the government is questioned about whether it supports Ukraine or Russia.…

Some would say a return to the situation on February 23rd is a draw but in my opinion it's really a win for Russia as Russia could then prepare for another attack later on.

When criticizing Germany we should remember that it's really a small but powerful faction of the German Social Democratic Party that holds the German government back, it's not the German people.…

One thing we can conclude with certainty is that Russia really got a nice return from corrupting German politicians. If Germany was opposing Russia in the same way as eastern Europeans, the UK or the US Russia would have been in real trouble from the very beginning.

The networks that support Russia in Germany are known. There are leading SPD-politicians who still maintain strong ties with the Kremlin and then there are many of their followers in the government and state that are following their lead.…

Angela Merkel has now left the public space and might not maintain influence on her party but she has an enormous culpability for the war in Ukraine. She relentlessly defended Russia and always took positions that favored Russia.

The war against Russia now really has two fronts. There is the military front where Ukraine is pushing Russia back and then there is the international political front where Germany is hesitating about where it stands.

And make no mistake. Germany is Europe's most powerful country. If Germany really went all in to confront Russia it would change the situation dramatically, and fast. Germany has the power to decide the outcome of the war and the future of security in Europe.