On the destruction of russian warship ‘Moskva’

Daria Kaleniuk

The destruction of russian warship ‘Moskva’ is a historic sensational victory of Ukraine over the Russian fleet. For the first time in world history a missile cruiser was sunk in battle. For the first time in battle the largest flagship of the Russian Navy was destroyed

For the first time, a warship was destroyed by an anti-ship missile made entirely in Ukraine. Ukraine spent about $93 mln over the years on the Neptune anti-ship missile program. The Neptune strike destroyed a missile cruiser worth up to $1 bln

The Ukrainian command and the state-owned Luch Design Bureau announced that the Russian cruiser had been hit by two advanced Neptune anti-ship missiles which were carried out from the Odesa region from a distance of about 130 km from the Russian missile cruiser

‘Moskva’ cruise was considered well-protected from missile attack, and such ships among the most difficult targets, precisely because of the strong multi-layered defense against air attacks. The cruiser’s missile system is based on the S-300 system and is armed with 68 missiles

The cruiser is also covered by anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft artillery systems to hit anti-ship missiles from a short distance. The cruiser is equipped with electronic warfare and countermeasures, interference systems.

However, the guidance radars of the 2 Neptune missiles captured the target on their own, the control system singled out the real cruiser among the big waves and obstacles, determined the optimal trajectory to avoid interception by air defenses, and dealt a deadly strike.

Ukrainian engineers of the Luch Design Bureau have developed their unique technology and put our country among 10 other countries in the world that are capable of producing their own anti-ship missiles to hit extremely protected targets.

Russia has now lost the ship with the most powerful weapons to provide air cover for a possible landing operation in the Black Sea. The Moskva cruiser used to be called by Russian admirals "the killer of US aircraft carriers" because of its powerful long-range missile weapons.

The one thing that is clear is that Russia has suffered a heavy defeat, while Ukrainians won the battle.
The Russian fleet and the air defenses of the ships showed their vulnerability, and proved unable to protect even their flagship.

This is another powerful blow to the Russian weapons export, and a promotion of Ukrainian missile production.
Ukraine is showing the entire world every day how to beat the Russian armed army and navy. Thank you, Luch DB, thank you UAF.
Source: Yurii Butusov