On $33 billion support for Ukraine

Daria Kaleniuk

$33 bln support for Ukraine announced by @POTUS yesterday is definitely good news, but devil is in details. Here are a few things we must follow👇

1. In March Congress passed $13.6 bln Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, but most of these funds went NOT on Ukraine and NOT into Ukraine.

2. Only $3.5 bln out of $13.6 package went on weapons for Ukraine, most of which was already used for Presidential Drawdown authority under which Biden took weapons from the US stockpiles. Only 250 mln is left to spend defensenews.com/congress/2022/…

3. This $3.5 bln included replenishment of US stocks, which means that US purchases new equipment instead of older one sent to Ukraine, therefore the actual price of weapons sent to Ukraine could be much lower than $3.5 bln

4. Other $3 bln went on "European Command operations mission support..", which means money were spent on NATO, not actually on Ukraine

5. $600 mln went for the Foreign Military Finance (FMF) program, but on Ukraine and NATO Eastern Flank - so seems again most of these funds went on reinforcement of NATO

6. About 6 bln went merely on support of refugees OUTSIDE of Ukraine. USAID granted funds to big international organizations which meant to support people IN Ukraine, but most of humanitarian support inside the country is done by volunteers in Ukraine who didn't receive funding

Here are details of $13.6 bln package - appropriations.house.gov/sites/democrat…

I do hope we will learn on mistakes and make sure that announced $33 bln Ukraine Supplement Act will mostly be spent on what we need the most to win the war - advanced NATO heavy weapon for Ukraine.

I also hope that whatever support is planned there for humanitarian aid and refugees will be spent for people IN Ukraine & granted to Ukrainian organizations & volunteers, who are for 2 months are delivering aid without any international support.

Waiting forward to read in details the $33 bln proposal announced by @POTUS to get answers on all these questions

Ukraine spends $440 mln a day for war with russia. Our GDP will go down to 45% this year according to WB. Our treasury is almost empty, critical infrastructure is destroyed by russia.