On children deportation to Russia

liliya_borovets 🇺🇦

What’s happening with 🇺🇦 children forcefully deported to ru?

We don't know about their future except that ru wants to simplify legal procedures on adopting and "liberate kids' language," -- russify them. However, we know what they did in the past. 1/#RussiaWarCrim" class="link blue">9

To establish their hegemony, build the soviet empire, assimilate and russify people, in the 20s soviets created orphanages, especially for "northern nations," blending kids of different nationalities and ethnicities.

More here: jstor.org/stable/29790583 2/9

In the 50s, these orphanages became compulsory, kids were taken from their parents forcefully. Parents were obliged to give their child to the orphanage for at least 9 months per year. Think about it. 

Also, in the mid-30s, the children of the "enemies of the people" (anyone who opposed Stalin & regime) were put in orphanages administered by the Narkompros. Educational staff aka "teachers" underwent training by the NKVD. 

NKVD-orphanages as violence machines. 4/9

The colonizers forbid using any other language except ru or even ethnic symbols in those orphanages. It wasn't only teaching but also identity shaping. The personal agency was taken from kids. They followed instructions and orders by teachers and vykhovateliv. 5/9

Orphanages existed not as a place to provide welfare but to brainwash and prevent any "contamination" of society with the ideas of freedom, self-determination, personal agency. 6/9

Often these kids were sent to Gulag labor camps for being a "family member of a traitor to the motherland." After 1945, the NKVD was responsible for accommodating 2.5 million homeless children as well. 7/9

More recently, the data shows that up to 60 percent of children in ru orphanages suffer abuse from their caregivers, and it is a rare occasion when someone serves prison time for crimes against children.

The machine of violence in the presence. 8/9

To sum up, ru plays by its colonization and genocide playbook, they did it in the past. They continue doing it in the present.

For 3 days we haven’t had any green corridors to evacuate people, protect kids and families. How are you watching this @UNICEF @unhrcpr? 9/9