On elevating the non-privileged voices

Mariam Naiem

Ukrainians very painfully perceive statements such as these. They are read as calls for us Ukrainians to shut up, and calls for our partners to stop acting. The war has been going on for eight years, and only now have we started receiving substantial help. And we need more.

That others do not have such a platform does not mean Ukrainians should be silent, the media coverage should stop, and our partners should stop helping. Instead, we need to elevate the non-privileged voices and do more in those regions where help is needed.

Despite the war, some Ukrainians are using their platform to elevate less privileged voices. During his speech at the UN Security Council, President Zelensky said:

"The chain of mass killings from Syria to Somalia, from Afghanistan to Yemen and Libya should have been stopped a long time ago, to be honest. If tyranny had ever received a [determined] response [...], the world would have changed for sure."

After the full-scale invasion, I protested with this poster in Europe. A woman on the street shouted: "What about Palestine?" This is not a competition of who is suffering the most β€” helping Ukraine should not mean ignoring others. This is just another reason to unite.