Finland: high will to defend country

Minna Ålander 🌻

I feel like it’s a good time to recommend this piece by @RikeFranke about just how deep the “end of history” narrative sits in the German consciousness. Reading this will help understand the peculiar type of German pacifism I’ve referred to earlier…

Something that often strikes me when talking about the Finnish defence concept & comprehensive security with my German friends is that there seems to be a lack of understanding of even legitimate defence.

Their reaction often is “oh wow that’s crazy”, “oh how sad”.

Of course it would be nice if Finland didn’t need a conscription army, 64 new F-35 fighter jets and what not. But our geopolitical location is a fact that won’t go away by simply ignoring it. As a small country with 1340km border to Russia we need a credible & capable defence.

It has nothing to do with expansive nationalism or being a warmonger people. It’s an existential question and about survival.

Many Finns are even proud of their armed forces’ capability to defend the country and that’s because we know what we have to lose without

Again something my German friends can’t understand: how can the will to defend the country be so high in 🇫🇮 ? Why are people ready to even potentially die for a concept like “nation” ?

Finland is by and large a very good place to live. Our society is very different from the Russian one. We know what a difference it makes to live on our side of the border. That’s why we want to keep the border where it is.

That’s why Finns are prepared to protect our society.

So the point about military defence is: it’s for defending. In case you’re attacked by an aggressor.

I understand it’s hard for my German friends because Germany has often been the aggressor.

But Finns don’t want to go to war. We have a capable defence so that we don’t have to.