On Russian and German versions of nazism

Volodymyr Yermolenko

THREAD: Russian nazism has many common traits with German nazism, but some important differences. German nazism resulted from a fear of the Other becoming increasingly like you and "destroying" you ("arians") from within. This is the key neurosis of Nazi anti-semitism 1/6

Russian nazism is different: it doesn't stress the otherness, it stresses the sameness. It believes Ukrainians and Belarussians are the same as Russians, therefore all "deviations" should be brutally exterminated 2/6

While German nazism was afraid of the Other becoming same as you, Russian nazism is afraid of "same as you" becoming the Other - i.e. Ukrainians, Belarussians etc 3/6

Fighting against differences of this Other means that you should mark all these differences as deviations. And say these deviations are "nationalisms". But Russian "fight against nationalism" (of Ukrainians etc) is actually promotion of Russian own nationalism. 4/6

This is the core of all Russian propaganda about "Ukrainian Nazism". They call "Nazi" everything which is simply Ukrainian: language, culture, music etc 5/6

To conclude: Russians want a "final solution of the Ukrainian question". Germans were exterminating Jews because they were different trying to become too similar; Russians want to exterminate Ukrainians because they are "too similar" (for Russians) trying to become different 6/6